Felthammer is the creative brainchild of two long time friends who, for mutually beneficial reasons, decided to collaborate. Our initial mandate reads as follows: we [or at some point in the future hope to] provide design services for print, web, and identity applications. With an aim toward levelling as many playing fields as we possibly can.

And while those personal aspirations haven't changed — we're both still very much dedicated to the aforementioned goals and getting this project off the ground — some other factors have presented themselves. Namely each of our educational and "professional" ambitions.

With half — arguably the more talented but slightly less attractive looking half — of our membership fully engaged with a Masters Degree Program in Art and the other half, consumed with all that Inclusive Web Design and Development actually involve, we're both much busier with each of our endeavours than either of us truly expected to be. Thing is we're concerned time won't lend itself very favourably to building solutions for any client aspirations. At least for the time being.

So until we can realistically dedicate our fullest attention to justify having a website offering our services, we feel we must put off officially launching this venture until that time arrives. Thanks for your interest.